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It's concerning when you don't hear from a client for a while, especially when they have told you how happy they've been with the drone work you've done for them. So it came as a nice surprise to get a call from a client I haven't heard from for seven months, only to be asked to capture some aerial photos and create a progress report video for them. It just so happened that the weather for the following day was being forecasted as being perfect for some drone flying. So with a pre-deployment form completed, batteries charged, software checked, I was ready for some flying on the Friday.

It was perfect weather, I mean , just perfect. 3/8 cloud cover and a light, warm, gentle westerly breeze. I was very happy with the photos and the video material dropped into place like a dream. I delivered the completed drone video on the Monday, along with the photos and the client was overjoyed. Job done I thought! It's nice when everything falls into place.