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These days it seems that UAV (drone) technology is never a million miles from taking front page of a daily newspaper, or receiving considerable coverage on the TV news. Many positive, good news stories are about, but there are always the sensationalised articles that concentrate on the muppets. 99.9% of all these cases that come to our attention are attributable to unlicenced knuckleheads. They buy a small drone, thinking it will be great 'fun' and often fly them in a dangerous and reckless manner, in places where they shouldn't, with total disregard for the safety of those around them.

There are also those who disregard the law and regulations laid down by the CAA and flout the requirements for proper training, licencing and insurance and offer their services for commercial gain. This is illegal.

Not only is it illegal, but highly contentious and downright wrong. As responsible, qualified commercial drone operators, it is becoming a real sore point to learn that you haven't won some aerial filming work because the potential client has hired an unlicensed and uninsured drone operator. Usually because they are cheap. How cheap is it if the aircraft crashes, injures someone and the drone operator has no insurance? The person hiring such an individual could, and probably would be found liable.

We are all in business and we're in business to make money. But making money at the cost of safety is, as we all know, an unwise practice. This has been shown to be the case many, many times.

If you are hiring a drone operator and you're happy with the quality of their work, then there are two other things you need to ensure:
1) They have the relevent authorisation ie. a CAA certificate, which can only be obtained by completing the relevent training.
2) Third party public liability insurance.

So, if you intend to hire a drone operator, and it doesn't matter what the project is, how little or how big, make sure you're hiring a professional. Otherwise you could end up in hot water!