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Newly introduced regulations from the CAA has meant a sub 250gms drone can be flown outside the 50mtr rule that relates to larger aircraft. Providing they are flown safely, they can be flown a lot closer to uninvolved persons, whilst also being allowed to be flown in towns and residential areas without the usual regulations. This is a big bonus for many operators as it means we can undertake tasks such as property inspections in areas, where before these new rules, would have meant lots of 'leg work' to get permissions in place before proceeding with any flying. In the past we have had to turn down a number of jobs because they were simply too involved and would have added a disproportionate amount of time to a project. We have now purchased one of these mini drones and have to say, we are very impressed. The quality will never be as good as our Inspire aircraft, because the camera sensor is that much smaller, but, when used appropriately, the drone provides excellent results. Here is a photo taken during our first test flight of the Mendip Gate development, currently under construction by Newland Homes.