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Having spent my entire career behind the lens of a camera, including 35mm film, TV, video and stills, it never ceases to amaze me how much I continue to smile to myself over some of the comments that I've heard over the years. Some are silly, some have been rude and insulting, but most just make me giggle inside. Here's a selection of some I can remember, and I promise, these are all true...
  • "Do you shoot professionally?"
  • "How heavy is your camera."
  • "My goodness, that's a big one!"
  • "Now you've taken all the photographs I guess you can put your feet up."
  • "Can I look at the photos on that screen thing on your camera?"
  • "I can't make my camera work, can you take a look at it for me."
  • "How can I become a photographer?"
  • "Can you take a photo of me with my Iphone?"
  • "How do you turn your colour photos into black and white?"
  • "Digital is so much better than film, because you can edit the photos in the camera"
  • "Why are you shooting with two cameras."
  • "How long did it take for you to become a photographer?"
  • "Do you take baby photographs?"
  • "Can you take a picture in black and white and add some colour to a small area?"
  • "Point that camera at me and I'll stick it up your a**e!"
  • "Have you shot any porn?"
  • "How much for cash?"
  • "I hate having my photograph taken." (I hear this one 95% of the time!)​​​​​​
  • "Can you Photoshop out my wrinkles?" (This one too)

And the best one EVER...
  • "Photography is so much easier these days, because if you mess up the photograph you can correct it in Photoshop."
I hope these made you smile. Have a good day...