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Howard relishes the challenge of any job, whether providing drone filming for a TV commercial, a documentary or capturing a series of aerial photographs for a local property consultant.

With a history of both film and TV location shooting, we are uniquely placed to work with crews of any size. Working within budgets, tight schedules and understanding the different working terminologies are something we are familiar with.

While we are regularly involved with drone filming for larger projects, we are equally at home providing a service for those on smaller budgets.


Our Equipment:
We fly both the Inspire 1 X5 pro and Inspire 2 with the X5s camera.
The Inspire 2 is one of the finest quadcopters on the market; aimed specifically at professional drone operators. The image processing technology included with the Inspire 2, the quality of images and 21mp stills that this quadcopter can produce is nothing short of exceptional.

The system is capable of recording 4k H264 and 5.2K videos in DNG1 and ProRes2.

The range of camera options, improved flight time, new motors and added redundancy make this one of the most versatile aerial platforms for drone operators available today.

Our fees:
Our rates are flexible and will vary depending upon the complexity of a project. As a guide, quotations are based on a two-man crew, pilot & flight observer, day rate of £750 and a half day rate of £550.

Howard is available at a reduced rate as a single drone operator under certain conditions. Please call to discuss. For projects requiring a drone pilot and separate camera operator, we fly the Inspire 2. This allows you to decide which platform to fly with according to your budget and technical requirements. If you have any questions, we can of course offer advice on the most suitable aircraft for your needs.

Our prices include all the relevent pre-planning work that is required by the CAA. We also carry full public liability insurance.

All projects include:
  • 2 man crew operation: pilot/cameraman & flight observer. (Single operation available for certain projects)
  • Option available as pilot + 2nd cameraman (operator)
  • Inspire 1 X5 Pro / Inspire 2 X5s with 4K MFT cameras & Zuiko lenses
  • Backup equipment and 2nd aircraft carried on all projects
  • Fully Insured operations up to £5,000,000
  • Fully certified with RPQ-s qualification with CAA permissions PfCO

For enquiries regarding any industrial application such as 3D photogrammetry, topographical mapping, surveys etc, please visit: www.vistaworx.co.uk