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I was recently asked to film the Rally of the Tests which finished at the RAC building in Bradley Stoke, Bristol on 11th November. This three day event follows a 750-mile route from Harrogate through the East Midlands and South Wales. During this time the competitors undertake numerous driving skills challenges at different private estate throughout the course, eventually finishing in Bristol. Thanks to David for his camerawork on the day. I had a blast editing his footage. I did actually get a couple of drone shots into the film, but most of the time we were experiencing the excitement of the event on the ground!

It's concerning when you don't hear from a client for a while, especially when they have told you how happy they've been with the drone work you've done for them. So it came as a nice surprise to get a call from a client I haven't heard from for seven months, only to be asked to capture some aerial photos and create a progress report video for them. It just so happened that the weather for the following day was being forecasted as being perfect for some drone flying. So with a pre-deployment form completed, batteries charged, software checked, I was ready for some flying on the Friday.

It was perfect weather, I mean , just perfect. 3/8 cloud cover and a light, warm, gentle westerly breeze. I was very happy with the photos and the video material dropped into place like a dream. I delivered the completed drone video on the Monday, along with the photos and the client was overjoyed. Job done I thought! It's nice when everything falls into place.

2018 will be the year of change in the drone community, and not before time. Things need to change and this is accepted by most commercial drone operators in the UK. For too long there has been far too many incidents of careless and downright dangerous flying from some people flying drones. These incidents, are without doubt, in my opinion nothing to do with commercial operators, but children or adults intent of breaking the law and showing a flagrant disregard for CAA regulations.

It should come as no surprise that the government, in conjunction with the CAA, are introducing a sweeping set of revised regulations for those wishing to fly drones. These regulations will affect the commercial operator, but moreso the casual flyer and hobbyist. Under new proposals, police officers may get the power to issue on-the-spot fines of up to £300 for the misuse of drones, as well as being able to seize them. Banning children from owning drones weighing at least 250 grams is also a possibility and one that I believe is sensible and a 'no-brainer.'

As with any new technology, there will always be the few who use it recklessly, for malign purposes or for illegal activities. It's just a shame that many commercial drone operators run the risk of having to pay the consequences for the reckless actions of the few.
After recently spending time in north Wales, undertaking some drone filming of wind turbines, I thought it would be fun to edit a short piece with some of the material we captured. Being highly influenced by Stanley Kubrick's 2001 A Space Odyssey as a kid, I'm sure if you are familiar with the film, you may well enjoy this...

Amazon is pushing hard to get delivery drones into the sky, but the latest in a series of patents again highlights the potential risk to public safety. For full article visit:-
This week I found myself filming wind turbines in north Wales. Sadly, I am unable to upload any of the material just yet, but here are a couple of pics I captured of the stunning north Wales countryside.